Blessed trans fluid


my 98/saturn/sc1 at 81,000miles still has the original trans fluid . I have it checked by me and when i get an oil change and it still look nice and pink … Has anyone ever heard of this being possible/…or is my car got my Guardian Angel looking over it?..i feel its one of 2 … as in= you take care of your car and it will take care of you…and…or… the Angels looking out for you and doing the maintenece on the sly…(thats a nice thought thou…lol)


I have driven cars for years without changing Trans Fluid with no problems. Sounds normal to me, but I quess the Guardian Angel does not hurt either.


thanx Ed,
i like to think that my car was one of the few that is a miracle car…lol…but who knows…


Still, it is foolish to simply ignore scheduled maintenance. Change this transmission fluid, and then again 30K later. If it breaks down, you’re gonna feel like a Grade A idiot.



i agree mat …but i keep gettin this nagging voice in the back of my head telling me " if it ain’t broke don’t fix it’


Yes, but when your tranny does bite the dust and they tell you it could have been prevented by following the scheduled maintance you will not only feel foolish but also alot more poorer. Just my opinion.


i keep gettin this nagging voice in the back of my head telling me " if it ain’t broke don’t fix it’

But you are not fixing it you are maintaining it so you don’t need to fix it.

There is a lot of feeling about transmission fluid because so many people find that they end up replacing a transmission shortly after replacing the fluid. What they forget is the only reason they replaced the fluid was because they were already having problems with the transmission because they failed to replace it sooner before the damage was done.


Everyone will tell you. Replace the fluid.
It’s not a fix, it’s maintenance.

You actually sound just like my father.

My very first car is going to (already has actually) outlast any car he’s ever owned. I always change fluids and filters on the mark.

That’s a hint.



I would change the fluid. I did my daughter’s sc2 a few years ago, and it is very easy.

Get 5 quarts of trans fluid and a trans filter from a saturn dealer ( do not substitute a generic fluid).   Remove the drain plug from the trans and catch the oil in a drain pan.

Replace the filter. It is a spin on type like the engine oil filter, so don’t mix them up. There is also a magnet under the filter which should be cleaned. The magnet may come off with the filter instead of staying on the engine.

refill the trans and check the level.


i have had some( just a few ) tell me that they knew someone that did the same an waited to change the trans oil and when they did they ended up with bigger problems… this is what worries me since i have waited so long like 81,000miles long…


I was thinking about not changing my motor oil anymore since the motor aint broke. I’ll just wait til it starts smoking a lot.


Is this a standard (stick shift) or automatic? If it’s a manual, 81K miles isn’t bad. I think recommended change is around 96K or so (hint: LOOK IN THE OWNER’S MANUAL, Luke!). If it’s an automatic, it’s probably a bit overdue for fluid and filter change.

As for changing fluid “causing problems”, not really. I suppose in some very rare cases fresh fluid might cause deposits to break loose or old, neglected seals to suddenly leak, but if you haven’t neglected the automatic transmission for too long, it shouldn’t cause any problems.


When I got my 93 Caprice in 2002 with 44k, I went to my mechanic to get the trans fluid and filter changed. He was a little reluctant due to the age of the original trans fluid. His explanation was that varnish/deposits build up on the inside of the transmission from the old fluid. When the new fluid is put in, the varnish breaks loose and clogs the inner passages. Since the original fluid appeared to be in good shape (not burned) I asked him to change it. That was 5 years ago and I have not had any problems since the change, in fact I’m probably going to do it again in the fall.

Ed B.