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Blend door noise?

My 2007 Honda Civic makes a little buzzing noise when I change the temp setting from the lowest to the next one up. I had a mechanic check it out, and they said it was the blend door that mixes cold and hot air to get the right temperature. They said they tried to access it to lube it, but they couldn’t.

Should I spend the money taking it to a dealer or is it okay to just leave it as is? It’s not a very loud noise – it’s only noticeable when the car is sitting quietly in neutral. I’m mostly worried that if I don’t take care of it now, it could turn into a more expensive repair later.

I wouldn’t worry about it unless the noise gets worse. I have had many vehicles over the years that did this. I usually leave my heat on the highest setting or the AC on the coldest setting. I use the fan speed to regulate the temperature. I have lived in both Florida and Alaska and it always works for me.

My Accord does the same thing. Don’t worry about it.

Don't worry, be happy!