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Bleeding brakes on 95' Camry

Brakes work fine, but brake fluid is dirty so I tried to bleed the brakes using an “assistant” to hold down the pedal. Hardly any fluid comes out when I open the bleeder valve. I tried both rear drum brakes. Assistant is doing his job right. I used a clear tubing on the nipple and put in into a clear pop bottle with some brake fluid in it and turned the valve with the correct size wrench. The resevoir is full and capped. Why isn’t the fluid bleeding? Do I need to start the car? Puzzled and a little sad.

You have to remove the cap on the master cylinder resevoir before bleeding the brakes. The cap prevents air from equalizing the pressure between the resevoir and the open bleeder valve. Removing the cap allows air to fill the resevoir. Just be sure to stop bleeding before the resevoir runs dry. Add more fluid and then repeat the process until you see clear brake fluid. Then close and tighten the bleeder valve and move to the next wheel. You’ll be done in about an hour if there are two of you.

You can do it alone with the right kit (any auto parts store has them), but it will take you about 2 hours alone.

thank you so much. I will try again.