Blazer Coolant Leak (is this a problem?

I have a 2001 Blazer with a coolant leak. Frequently it is almost empty in the reservoir. The car is in VA or NC most of the time so the temperatures aren’t too bad. My car sits most of the time as I take the bus to college. My question is: Is running it without coolant doing damage to the car? During the summer I kept it full of water in the coolant reservoir but buying lots of anti-freeze just to have it run out while my car sits. What do you think?

Straight water will cause the engine to corrode from the inside out. The aluminum in the engine will get eaten away at a much higher rate than the iron portions. Especially the aluminum cylinder heads. Just not smart t do this.

It is a problem, because if you drive the truck without sufficient coolant, you’ll destroy the engine.

You need to find the leak and repair it. If it is in the coolant reservoir, a new one can be purchased for $20.,carcode,1371440,parttype,10457. If it is a hose, they are also cheap. So is a radiator cap. If it is a seal, that would depend on the location of the leak.