Black exhaust pipe



Is it true if your exhaust pipe is black that you have engine problems?


It usually means the engine is running too rich.

Is the Check Engine light on?



No, I do not see any light on the panel. That also concerns me. When I start the car they show up, but then they turn off. Is that normal? It is a 2006 Ford Taurus.


When you see all the warning lights come, those systems are going thru a self-test.

If they turn off once the engine is started, that’s normal.



Ok thank you. I am just trying to figure all this stuff out and make a decent decision. I am buying this car from my work. It seems to run good, but someone told me if the pipe is black then it is engine problems. I cant have that.


Then I suggest you have a pre-purchase inspection performed on the vehicle.

Spending a $100.00 now could save you 1000’s later



Is it owned by your employer or someone you work with ? Either way if the vehicle has expensive problems it might have a detrimental relationship at your job. It is 12 years old after all.


A black exhaust pipe can also be due to oil burning and that’s a serious issue.