Black Car, Automated Car Wash, and General Cleaning Advice


I have been using an automated car wash for years with above average success. Recently I purchased a new black car and am wondering if members here would suggest not using the automated wash. This car is not used daily. It’s garaged and will collect some dust. My options are hand wash, automated, or spray detail to remove dust. I’ve always heard that dust can scratch the paint if not removed correctly. I appreciate any insight you might offer on cleaning and maintaining a black car. Thank you

Just go to the Autogeek web site. They are a good source of detailing procedures and products . Also YouTube will have more detailing videos than you could possibly watch. I only use brushless drive through car washes.

Edit: Just put ( should I use automated car wash ) in your search engine and you will find articles by known sources.

Thank you. I’ll check out both sources. I appreciate your help!

Agree, Autogeek is a good site for reference.

I own 2 black vehicles; A truck that has seen countless automatic car washes over its 14 years and a car that has occasionally see automatic car washes over its 17 years. The truck almost never gets a good polish and still looks good. The car has been clay barred and polished on average once a year and waxed twice a year and still looks fantastic.

Thanks! The auto washes here have been great for me. I’ll check out Autogeek too.