Biodiesel has become so popular it's driving up the price of soy oil for eaters

‘ATC’ had this segment tonight:

BTW, you can be converted into biodiesel, too. Real motorheads can donate their bodies to Changing World Technologies, which is turning animal corpses into biodiesel.

When Europe first went big for biodiesel, guess what happened? Thousands of acres of Indonesian rain forest was cut down to plant oil palm trees. An ecological disaster.

“Biodiesel is a crime against humanity” said one writer. I agree.


There’s always unintended consequences.


Maybe I’m mistaken (known to happen) but I thought diesel generally was a fading technology for cars and small trucks. It would be surprising to think that petroleum companies would be investing big bucks to create another source for diesel fuel.

Think about all the semi’s on the road. They’re all diesels. Seems like a pretty good market for a petroleum company to invest in, right? Plus, you’ve got the government subsidies (or penalties if you’re on the other side of the coin) that increase the appeal.

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