Bimmers gas type

hey i was wondering if any bimmer could use 89 octane gas. I was considering buying a 90-00 3 series or 90 7 series

Could? maybe…should? no.

If you can’t afford the correct gas, you will never be able to afford the correct maintenance for this car. Get something else.

Gas type aside don’t even consider the 7 series even if the glove box was stuffed full of money but the 3 series has a fanatical (and deserved) following. Does 90-00 mean from year 1990 to year 2000? if yes the best would be the early e-46, a fine car.

In part depends on your altitude and how much damage you want to do to the engine. Rule of thumb, if your car pings and you dont care go cheap( did that on my 71 vw bus). Otherwise increase the octane until no ping on normal acceleration. If you cant hear ping cause you dont know what it sounds like just read the manual and follow instructions. High compression engines do not like ping because it is a response to the fuel mix and pressure. Higher pressure means fuel can detonate at the wrong point in the piston travel. High altitude robs some of the pressure from the high compression engine so this is somewhat variable.

I don’t know what a bimmer is, but if you can’t afford premium fuel, you can’t afford a beemer.

From the BMW car club web site:

Bimmer - proper accepted slang for BMW cars. Most people don’t know this.
Beamer/Beemer - proper accepted slang for BMW motorcycles. You will hear this term used incorrectly by many people.

It all depends on how much you pay for the car…7 series Beemers are almost give-a-ways, so who cares what kind of gas you put in them… I bet they run fine on regular. If they don’t, run it through the shredder and try another one…We are talking about disposable consumer products here, right? 89, 92 do you really think 4 octane points comprise a life or death issue when it comes to old beaters?