Beyond frustrated

I am beyond frustrated!!! My car stalled out on me 2 days ago so I had to towed to my mechanic which cost me $40…well he has had it for 2 days and he still can’t figure out what is wrong with it. if your a mechanic you should know how to fix cars! I am about to get it towed someplace else to get it worked on! Here is the problem: i was driving and the car started to act like it was going to stall so i pulled over and it stalled as i was pulling over. Well i start it back up and shift it into drive and it dies out again. it just keeps stalling out so i had to get it towed. can anyone please help me! i am so aggravated!

If it still will not start, he should be able to diagnose it. If it started working again, that will be more difficult.

Almost impossible to make much of a guess from the very limited information provided, but I will go with a ignition problem. Of course from the information provided it may have glow plugs.

Tell us make, model & year. Also more details like how often an d how long has it been doing it? Does it do it more in the rain etc.

By the way, as previously noted, if a car does not start, it is a lot easier to figure out than if it only starts some times.

Stalling can be caused by many things. A lot of stalling in cars with quite a bit of mileage is caused by the idle speed control device. There is a device which is controlled by the engine computer on fuel injection cars, and it opens and closes to allow just enough air to enter the throttle body to set the idle speed to the correct speed.

They can be intermittent. Last summer, my Toyota Sienna with 115,000 miles failed for a few days, then started working okay.

In the fall, it did it again, then worked until this spring. One day before I was going to Mexico for two months, it failed. I called the shop, and when I started it to go there, it worked again. I told them, don’t trouble shoot it, just replace it.

If you have a tachometer showing engine speed, instead of sitting constant, the idle speed may vary, especially when you give it some throttle, then let up on the throttle. It should come down to its design idle speed, and just stop there. If it gets sticky, it may drop down a bit lower, then perhaps come back up, or it may just stall.

It is easy to tell when you know and are in the car. But, over the years, this problem is very often mistaken for many other causes.

Also, as I said above, stalling can be caused by many things.

Providing some actual info might help someone in providing an answer.
What kind of car?
How many miles on it?
Regular maintenance including fuel filters kept up on it?
Stalling occur at idle only or at any speed?
Instantly cuts off, sputters, or what?
Any Check Engine Light coming on?

Right now your post is akin to calling a doctor on the phone and saying I don’t feel good, what’s the matter?

Have patience with your mechanic. Keep the relationship. Some car problems are very difficult to diagnose. Sort of like going to the Dr without any outward symptoms, its pure guess.

If you want help on this board you need to list year/make/model and is the check engine light on while this happens?