Better Posture or Dangerous Addition

I hate the slumped seats in most cars, so have added a 1x12 board to force me to sit up straight. Works well, but I’m worried about being in a crash. Will I bounce back into it & break my spine? I can’t even imagine who to ask !?!?!

I suggest you get a better car (or a car with better seats). The board idea does seem very unsafe. The seat backs in my car adjust all the way to a slightly forward of upright position. Surely, it can’t be the only one that does this. The lumbar also adjust to a way out position.

I am having a hard time understanding the reference to “slumped seats”.
Can the OP explain this?
Does your car NOT have adjustable seat backs?

I don’t think so, but will look into that again. Maybe I’m just turning the dial the wrong way…

You might want to try looking in the Owner’s Manual for this information.

That’s crazy talk…

Yeah, I know, but sometimes I just get these radical ideas and I wish to share them.

In any event, I am still waiting for an explanation of the meaning of “slumped seats”. Huh?