Better millage?

I hear that you can get 40% better gas millage from a 92 Honda Civic LX if you change the cam.

Anyone else hear anything about that?

I doubt it. Research the cam and tell us the manufacturer and model number. Do a web search for ‘honda cam economy’ and tell us what you find.

Not possible. If it were, the Honda engineers would already have figured it out.

A 40% increase in mileage is just about impossible.

Your property tax rate is related to the cam in your car?

Yes, if you are getting 16 MPG due to a worn out camshaft. I would say “in your dreams” but when I dream about cars, the gas is free and I can’t steer or stop.

It wouldn’t surprise me at all if somewhere there was a person who put a different cam in his engine and then started obeying speed limits, quit accelerating towards each and every red light, and cut out all unnecessary idling, indeed did increase his gas mileage by 40%.

They did nearly…

Partially due to a different CAM but also engine management. There was version of the Civic called the VX which used lean burn and VTEC-E (for efficiency vs power) that achieved 40MPG city and close to 50MPG highway.