Best Way to Clean an Oil Drip Tray?


Hi I have a quick question - what’s the best way to clean an oil drip tray like this one? There’s a bunch of oil on it as to be expected :slight_smile: power washing? Maybe just paper towels and some elbow grease? Thanks!

Brake parts cleaner.

Spray the pan and let the run-off drip in an oil drain pan.

Then what’s in the drain pan can be disposed of with your waste oil



Most people only have one oil drain pan.

I believe Tester is referring to OP’s oil drip tray (basically an oversized cookie sheet pan) draining into an oil drain pan (for changing oil)…

It could also be drained into a 5 gallon bucket…

Thanks guys. Found this guy at the local hardware store. Will give it a try.

I found a reject cabinet lid we made in scrap pile. Asked paint line to paint it for rust coverage. They were doing tan that day. Now I have tan drip pan. Should have waited for black paint day.

The brake-cleaner should do a good job, and quickly. If you have more time than $$$, might be able to save a few bucks using a cleaner/degreaser like Simple Green, letting it soak for a few days.

I actually gave a go with paper towels and it was good enough for government work. Down the line maybe I’ll do the brake cleaner method if things get really dirty.

Many years ago at an Air Force Base, we had motorcycle parking indoors. Each space had a drip tray, old cooking sheets from the chow hall!

@Purebred Good enough for government work! :slight_smile:

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Same way you keep a baking sheet clean in the kitchen- cover it with aluminum foil. When it gets too dirty for your liking crumple it up and replace it with a fresh sheet on top of your tray.

I inadvertently left my cast iron pan heat too long with oil in the bottom, planning to make a batch of popcorn. What a sticky mess that created! Paper towels after soaking in soapy hot water & a scrub with steel wool seemed to be the best method for that problem.

Off the subject, but in my opinion the best way to resurrect cast iron cookware-place it in the oven, run the oven on a self cleaning mode. All residue will be burned off. Then wipe down and re-season.

Then in the future, when you want popcorn, get microwave popcorn! Save the cast iron for searing steaks.