Best use of A/C


Years ago I learned that it’s best for the car if you turn off the A/C a couple of minutes before you turn off the engine. Don’t know exactly why. Is this still recommended for current cars?


do it to get moisture out of system, helps smell and mold


There is not really much advantage to this. It’s one of those things dads from long ago told their kids, but it’s not really true. You can leave the AC on forever if you really want and it won’t make any significant difference.

It takes longer than a few minutes for the system to dry out. Making sure the evaporator drain tube remains clear and open will do more to prevent mold and nasty smells than turning the AC off a few minutes before you shut off the engine.


The only way a couple of minutes is going to do any significant drying is if you live in a very arid place and the dew point is very low. The evaporator coil would need to warm up to a temp above the dew point first and only then can drying start.