Best tires for winter for a Toyota Yaris 2007

Can you tell me what would be the best tire to purchase for the snow as the Bridgestone tires that came with the Toyota Yaris 07 is just awful in the snow. Since it is front wheel car, do I need to get 4 tires or will 2 front tires be enough?

You need four with all FWD. It is dangerous to drive on front wheels only.

The best winter tires IMHO are Michelin X-Ice and Bridgestone Blizzack WS-60. I suggest peeking at for great pricing and check into separate (steel) rims as they pay for themselves in one season.

I will add a great inexpensive alternative are Firestone Winterforce. They can be studded(improves ice traction but expense of noise) but have incredible performance for the price and decent life.

Let me second the recommendation of the Michelin X-Ice tire, and also emphasize that you need FOUR winter tires.

While other winter tires may approach (but not exceed) the traction of the X-ice, none exceed its long tread life, thus making it more economical in the long run. It also provides an excellent ride, dry road handling characteristics that are far superior to most winter tires, and a noise level that is lower than that of most winter tires.

VCD, I could not agree more. My wife has Michelin X-ICE on her Nissan and they have been exemplary on ice, loose snow, packed snow and in rain. This is their second winter and no appreciable wear has occurred.

What specific type of bridgestone? is it the Potenza RE-92s? If they are, you’ll want to replace those horrible atrocities regardless.

You need four with all FWD. It is dangerous to drive on front wheels only.

While that advice may seem a little odd, it is very true.  The recommended brands and models are well respected, but I believe you will be happy with any real Winter tyre.  They are not the same as the old snow tyres. They are better. 

Good Luck

I agree. The RE-92s that came on my Outback were the absolute worst tires that I ever owned. They had no strong points, and they were dangerous on winter road surfaces.

I’m from the Colorado Rockies and the best tires I’ve ever had are Goodyear Ultragrip Ice. Absolutely amazing, I blew everyone away on the ice, slush, packed snow, you name it and RARELY ever skidded. Exceptional on the ice! Of course your brain and not flying like a banshee is the best traction. And I have a front wheel drive Toyota Corolla. Don’t know if the come in your size, but mine lasted about four years and I even drove them in the summer. Best tires I ever had in my life.

The truth is with winter tires is that they make such a significant difference in winter conditions that even the “poorest” and cheapest of the group will blow away ANYBODY with all-season tires even with 4wd’s in stopping and turning ability.

The good thing for the original poster is a Yaris uses likely the cheapest size available from every tire winter maker and won’t spend a serious amount of money $<400 on a set.

To the above advice…go to type in car year model information and choose type of tire…pick one of the top rated tires for your need…great resource for buying tires and ratings