Best time to buy gasoline

Because of density, volume and temperature, it’s best to buy gasoline in the morning and the evening. Question: Are the margins in savings achieved really worth scheduling fill-ups in the early and pm?

This theory has been debunked. Yes, when gasoline is kept at a cold temperature, it is slightly more dense. However, the depth at which gas tanks sit under the pavement, coupled with the volume of the gas in those huge tanks, make temperature variations relatively minor.

The next time that you are filling up your tank, feel the temperature of the pump nozzle after you have finished filling the tank. I believe that you will find that the nozzle is actually pretty cool, even on a very hot day.

Personally, I would not schedule my gas purchases on the basis of this theory, which appears to be just another old wives’ tale.

Of course, it’s all a matter of perspective. For the people posting here who are coasting to save a tablespoon of gasoline, it’s probably very much worthwhile. For those where the price of gasoline is in the noiseband of their budget, it doesn’t bear any consideration. Where do you fall in that spectrum?

Sometimes it is comforting to believe you are making all the right moves, whether it be for personal budgeting, to save the environment, or for any ideological cause and so on. So if you normally have the opportunity to fill your tank on cool mornings, don’t pass up that chance. You’ll feel better even if you suspect the savings are really nil, which happens to be true.

No time is better than any other. Temperatures don’t change much underground. There’s not a lot of sunshine there. Right after a major gasoline delivery is about the worst time in Summer, as well as the worst time any season. The volume of our density is never temperate.

There really is a best time and that is when you are driving past the station anyway. I might add that fuel is often a tinny bit cheaper on Tuesday and Wednesday. It is also a good idea to fill up at a quarter of a tank or more.

Best time is right now!

It will most likely only go up in price if you wait- - -do not delay


I thank you for your considered replies. It’s just what I wanted to hear.

The only time this worked was when Smokey Yunick of NASCAR fame chilled his fuel to about 0 degrees. He got a little more fuel in the tank and NASCAR found out and quickly outlawed the practice.