Best Sports Car Buy from the 1980's?

I like 80’s cars and would like to find a sporty car for a daily driver and light weekend travel. I drive light, so this car would be pampered mainly. What cars would you recommend I look for?

I like the Corvette. What are the best 1980’s years? What about other models to consider? Thanks!

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What’s your weather like?
Do you have a price range?
You know, if you like the Corvette, I say “Go for it!”

Buy something else and you’ll still wish you had one.

Corvette screams, "U.S.A."
America, what a country!

I have to admit that in that class of car the 'Vette is about the most reliable and readily repairable daily driver. It’ll do most of what a supercar will do but you can still get service and parts. But forget about affordable.

In the class of “retro British Leyland style” ragtops, the Miata is as good as it gets. And they’re reliable and affordable.

nissan 280zs 80-83 were real smooth and a blast to driveand real good looking.
Like most models and brands they had there problems but motors and trans would go and go

Live in southern Louisiana – hot summers/cool winters here basically. Fairly wet climate. Price range is up to $10K


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Bombing Down The Road…
in your Miata or 280Z, you’ll still turn your head every time and and think, "There goes a Vette!"
Like you said,“I like the Corvette.”

Are you anywhere near a club? They maybe have info for you.
Here’s one link:

A Camaro from that era would be easier to afford, but if you can afford to buy and maintain a Vette, you should get one.

I like Camaros, I spent many of my high school days in the back seat of a '68 with my girl, but I never really considered them a sports car.

When it comes to Corvettes from the 1980’s newer is most definitely better. That said, I really wouldn’t get a 1980’s model, but instead about a 1992, which has major upgrades both to the body, interior and motor. The corny electrical gauges in 1980’s Corvettes can be troublesome and the interior quality is awful in general.

If I was buying a 1980’s sports car and only had $10K to spend I’d probably be looking at a mint Porsche 944 of some variety, which even today is a brilliant car. Perfect 50/50 weight distribution and an excellent driving experience. Great design in general and a good quality interior. Parts are very easy to get though not inexpensive.

Other than that there’s not much in the 1980’s in that price range I desire. I think the classic (and bulletproof) 1980-1982 Porsche 911SC would be a nice choice, but it’s out of your price bracket by a bit.

Problem was, they were rust prone, and hard to find in good shape for $10K. Also, parts are getting pricey. Same for my '88 Toyota Supra. I can find parts, just gotta wait for delivery.

'70s. Those were the 'Vettes with the really sexy curves. 'Vette styling has been slowly going down hill ever since.

Under $10,000
IROC Camaro
E-30 BMW (find a M3,not under $10,00)
Toyota Supra
Only the M3 could be considered in the top 10 of the 80’s
For more money Porsche

I just shuddered at your mention of an IROC Camaro. I think there’s a general rule in most states that you must either be under-21 years of age, or have a mullet and a stained t-shirt of a now defunct 80’s rock band to drive one.

I’d have mentioned the M3 but they’re well over $10,000 now and big collector material.

They need to look good because with the awful engineering and build quality something needs to make up for it. Only Detroit could deliver a sports car with a 5.7 litre engine that cranks out a pathetic 165hp in the mid-70’s.

You are so right about the IROC.
I had a Plain Jane 79 Camaro paid a few hundred,that car was alot of fun to drive,it actually handled good. But I know exactly what you mean about the picture you get when you think of late 70’s 80’s Camaro owners. I am justly ridiculed.

He’n and She’n!

It depends on what kind of sport was going on back there!

Besides, I think we’re talking about sports cars when considering them more from a driver’s viewpoint, but you do bring up an advantage to having a back seat.

You are running the risk of taking this discussion in a whole different direction. Maybe you should post a question about memorable back seats or Drive-in Movies.

It should be pointed out that the C4 Corvettes were amoung the most poorly constucted cars you could buy in the 80’s Even when they were new most had numerous rattles and poor fit & finsh. Also in terms of performance they were no great shakes. The L83 Crossfire engine is weak. The L98 Tuned Port engine is a little better but again, but today’s standards it’s not particularly impressive. These cars also feature the Nash 4+3 transmissiom which is quirky. I’d spend the extra cash and hold out for a 911, 928 or maybe a Lotus Esprit Turbo

Well, I guess by my definition if it has a functional back seat and a fixed roof it’s a coupe rather that a sports car.

Yes, the back seat of a '68 Camaro is functional. A bit cramped for gymnastics, but functional.

Lots of vehicles stunk (stank?) in the '70s. This was not a proud time in the industry. It was a time of intense focus on making the cars cheaper and cheaper.

My '72 Vega (bought new) was a poster child for '70s quality. As was the Ford Pinto.