Best small SUV for Artic

what is the best SUV for the Artic? would a toyota fj cruiser cut it in the artic cold? are they mechanic friendly? what small SUV’s like that have the best heaters and do the best on the roads up there?

For up there I would call a mechanic who lives there and ask what is the most common vehicle and then buy that. My reason being that if you do have your vehicle break down you won’t have to wait two months for the parts to be shipped in to fix it.

What do you mean the Arctic? That can mean a lot of different places!

If it’s just a temperature issue, pretty much all newer cars will do just fine, though would benefit from a block heater and lighter weight oil. If the issue is more with heavy snow and/or poorly maintained roads, we might be able to make a recommendation if you describe the conditions you expect to encounter.

The FJ Cruiser is NOT considered a small SUV. Built on the same platform as the 4Runner.

Arctic is that land area above the Arctic circle. There are few if any roads up there…Transportation is by bush plane, snowmobile, dog sled…

Except for some huge purpose-built AWD vehicles that are unique to the ARCTIC, it would be very rare to find a wheeled vehicle in that region. As Caddyman said, dog sleds, snowmobiles and small airplanes are the usual mode of transportation in the Arctic.

Top Gear undertook a polar expedition last year. Clarkson and company used a Toyota outfitted by the people at . It went pretty well all things considered.

People regularly take motorcycles to Prudhoe Bay in the Summer, definitely above the Arctic Circle. There are people who live and work there year round, and I bet they have cars/trucks not just special purpose stuff. As someone else suggested, ask people already living there and find out what is most common.

How about Nome, AK. I know little about the conditions, except will soon after a visit. I would suspect broken asphalt every so often due to freeze and thaw, and longer winters with potential for -60 below with windchill. Will of course get the plug in electrical heater/ block heater (same thing?).

Good answer, ranck. I went on a cruise some years ago, and it included flying to Prudhoe Bay on the Arctic ocean, and coming back to civilization by Grayline bus, two days on the access road, and spending the night in Coldfoot. There were wheeled vehicles everywhere.

Those who claim there are no roads or wheeled vehicles simply are writing about things they know nothing about. This never makes you look cool.

Interesting piece of work. thanks

History. Toyotas used to start when really cold. Minus 40 wasn’t a problem but if it is minus 40 all the time, that would be a problem.