Best place to buy After Market Trim Parts? (1994 Honda Accord, Steel Blue)

I’m not sure whether I’ll keep my 94 Accord EX 4-Door with a 5-speed stick shift, or sell it - probably keep it, as the KBB says it’s worth $1000. I have no doubt I could get 2K for it easily, or so the mechanic tells me!

Anyway the interior trim parts I want to replace are the left and right door panel, and the floorboard carpet. Obviously I want to keep the same color scheme. I would appreciate suggestions of a place or places that manufacture these parts and have a reasonable price - I’m not wanting to “trick my car up”, just replace with the equivalent style and durability. I have attached some photos to make this easy. Thanks!

Just curious…why are you replacing what look like intact door panels on a 20+ year old car that isn’t worth much and only has a few years left to live?

And the carpet isn’t worth replacing either. Most of the rust staining is under the seat where it won’t be visible. The rest of the carpet can/should be covered by floor mats.

Save your money for the repairs this car is going to need. Or start saving for a new one. I’m a fan of Hondas, but this one is in its “golden years,” which means on its last legs. Cosmetics should be your last concern, aside from the occasional wash and wax.

You might be surprised what a good shampooing would do for that carpet.

At this age you’re better off finding used door panels from a recycler. Might be as little as $40 per side but you’d want to see how good they are first.

I also don’t see the problem. I can’t see any rips or tears in either the door panels or carpet. Have you tried to just clean them? If the color is fading on the door panels, you could clean them with some TSP and paint them with a plastic paint to match original. Finding trim pieces on that 20 yo Honda in that good a shape will be very difficult. It would be best to spruce up what you already have.

My sister ordered a new carpet for her car. I helped with researching and ordering it so I know we ordered the right one. The carpet fit so poorly that I opted to return it. Because I already had the old one out, I hung it up, dampened it with a hose, scrubbed in some shampoo, rinsed it, and used a Wet/Dry Vac to get most of the water off. I then let it laid it out in the sun to dry and in a day it was ready to go back in.
It turned out pretty good and only a few small stains remained. She was happy with the results too.