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Best mpg minivan

what minivan, 5 yrs or older, has the best MPG and is capable of towing 2000 lbs.?

I think it’s the one called “SUV”.

We have a Honda Odyssey that gets around 20-25 MPG city/hwy, but I’ve never towed anything with it and don’t plan to do so. Of course, towing is going to substantially reduce MPG with almost any vehicle.

If I had to routinely tow 2000 pounds, I’d be looking at a truck or SUV. Good luck. help yourself.

I’m with @ledhed
The greatest towing capacity seems to be the Chrysler minivans, which are not my fovorite for economy and reliability. The Honda Pilot can tow as much as 3500 lbs and has third row seats and though not full framed, is reinforced to handle these loads. There are other good choices from Gmc/Chevy, Toyota and others in this car based, midsize SUV Catagory that could handle theses needs.
IMO, not a fwd minivan but an awd car base SUV would be better suited.

what are you towing, how far will you be towing it, and how often? Pretty much all of the minivans are rated at 3500 lbs with the towing package. Finding a used one with the towing package could be an issue.