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Best LED headlights to get?

What would recommend? It’s for a 2011 honda accord SE. Also is there a way to tell how many lumens it has, since alot of headlights I have seen for sale don’t list it.

It ain’t that simple.

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You’ve already asked for everyone’s advice on replacing the bulbs with non-LED bulbs, and you’ve chosen to ignore that advice. Would you please explain why you’d come back for more advice rather than reading online reviews and deciding for yourself?

“Ignore that advice”? No, I changed my mind after learning more about LED bulbs. What a rude post. I read online reviews of LED’s but want to know if anyone has tried one they like.

I would think that the online reviews would be enough to make a decision by. What more would you need.

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I apologize if I offended you. I was careful to say “please” when I posed my question, and I thought that making my point a question rather than a declaration would give you a chance to explain yourself without being offended.

Again, I apologize for offending you, and if you’d like to offer a direct answer to my direct question, I’m happy to bring this back to a civil discussion.

Has anyone tried the OPT7 LED’s?

I watched a few videos for the LEDs. There all the same. Well, some have a silver housing and some are bronze. Some have black boxes and some don’t. Pay $125 and ur good to go. Pay $50? Probably not so good.