Best cooling system flush for removing rust from water jacket?

I specifically want to improve transfer of heat from combustion chambers to coolant. Any suggestions?

If you’re having cooling problems, I’d be checking other components, like thermostat, radiator, cooling fan, that kind of thing.


This is the 87 Dodge from his other thread on failing emission check.

The cooling system works fine. No overheating, gauge reads normal. Radiator is 5 years old, water pump is 1 year old, thermostat is good, coolant is 50/50. I am concerned about the transfer of heat from the combustion chambers to the water jacket. I want to remove rust from the water jacket. That’s it. I am looking for suggestions for the best product or chemical for this very specific job, remove rust from the water jacket.

1987 Dodge Dakota 3.9L, 170,000 miles. Looking for best way to remove rust from the water jacket. Looking only for that very specific thing.

Then I’d use Prestone “Radiator Flush + Cleaner” according to the bottle’s instructions, then put in the recommended amount of antifreeze and water in a 50:50 mix.

Check on they have a review of different products. But I do not know if they actually test them or not.

Just don’t fall for snake oil salesmen selling expensive stuff to fix non-existent problems.

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I’m thinking Evapo-Rust, either straight Evapo-Rust or Evapo-Rust Thermocure sold specifically for cooling system use, or white vinegar. I know the white vinegar works to dissolve rust, having used it to de-rust some hand tools. Works great for that.