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Best carb for my 87 chevy s10

I have a 1987 chevy s10 long bed it has the 4.3 with a four barrel carter carb I’m looking for a more fuel friendly carb but i wont it to have the extra 2 barrels for getting up and go power so what would be a good carb i need to get?

The answer to better gas mileage is not using all your get up and go power. Try to drive it without opening the other two barrels. A 4 barrel carb will get better gas mileage than a two barrel if you drive it right due to the smaller primaries.

I second oldtimer.

Right now im geting 6mpg with out opening it up

No good option to replace your your carb, if it’s working correctly it’s not the reason you mpgs aren’t great.

6mpgs? Something is wrong. Your carb may need to be rebuilt/replaced because it’s worn out. Or it could be other worn components.

If you’re only getting 6 MPG then there’s a problem. If the carburetor is not flooding over or the choke is sticking closed then it’s time to start from scratch. Pull the spark plugs and run a compression test to make sure you’re working with a good engine.

The plugs should be sooted up black if the 6 MPG is reality.

This 4.3 came out a difernt car it did have a 2.8 if that helps


The BEST four-barrel ever made was the Quadrajet…GM NEVER put a Carter on ANYTHING as far as I know…Lets see, 1987, it came with a computer controlled feedback carburetor, right?? A complete emissions nightmare…Good Luck…

My Vega had a Carter Carb…There were two carbs for that car back then…one was a 1 barrel (Carter)…the other was a 2 barrel (Rochester).

6mpg is way below what that vehicle was rated at…my 84 S-15 got 20…6mpg…something wrong and it should be addressed before throwing money on a new carb that may or may not work.

I got a gjet to put on it

I’ve only seen the quatrojet on V8’s…Had one on my 67 Malibu and my 69 Camaro.

We had a 85 had a v6 4.3 with qjet on a astro van

Oldtimer11 is correct from my experience with 4 barrels. The primaries are smaller so you actually get better mileage if you don’t work it.

Where can i get the qjet rebuilt cheap

Q-jets had the smallest primaries…They gave excellent fuel vaporization and very even mixture distribution…Properly set up (jetted) they give precise mixture control and as good gas mileage as you are going to get…Their only real weakness, the pressed in welch plugs that sealed drilled fuel passages in the bottom of the float bowl can leak, draining the float bowl and making for hard starts. They make a special epoxy to seal them…

"Where can i get the qjet rebuilt cheap "

Find an older GM mechanic, someone around 60 or 65 years old…Ask him to show YOU how to rebuild one…You will need a small can of “cold parts cleaner” to soak it overnight and an air compressor to blow out the passages…The hardest part is removing the top cover without destroying the choke linkage and / or accelerator pump…

How much would a rebuild run me

What more can i try

At this point you’re still assuming the carburetor is the problem. Maybe, maybe not.
There are a number of things that can cause lousy fuel mileage. Worn engine clogged converter, ignition timing way off, etc, etc, etc.

What can i try cheap