Best Car for Single, 20-Something Seattlite

I’ve been driving my 2003 Audi A4 for a couple of years. I LOVE this car, but need to get rid of it before any other LARGE repair bills come up- the 2 already this year are more than enough. I’m looking for a more reliable car that’s less expensive to maintain.

Things that are important to me:

- Decent gas milage (doesn’t have to be a prius but above 25 mpg would be good)

- Used car from $9K- $14K

- Prefer the extras esp leather/sun roof

- Reliable!!!

- Don’t don’t care if it’s an older car, just that it is reliable and likely won’t need expensive repairs

Does this car exist or am I asking for too much within the price range?

About me:

- Just me and my chihuahua, sassy pants, riding around in the car

- Drive about 1,000 miles/month. Mostly used for commuting to work and around town. Not going on wild outdoorsy trips

- I tend to bump into things a lot, so not a long car :slight_smile:

Mazda Miata…Sift through them and buy the nicest one you can afford…

You can a get some really good used cars for $9k-$14k.

If the size works a great car in your price range is a Mazda 3 loaded. However there are so many choices. Skip european makes.