Best brands of products to wash my new car...wand attachment for hoses, soaps, etc

Actually, Ivory Liquid IS a detergent, specially compounded for washing dishes at the sink.
If it was a soap, it would not be able to cut grease the way that it does.

To return to the topic of the Mr. Clean Auto-Dry Car Wash system, I have been buying and stockpiling replacement filters. They can be purchased through, as can the special detergent.

However, I have decided to utilize special carwash detergents sold in auto parts stores, rather than paying the inflated prices for the Mr. Clean detergent + shipping. As eraser1998 mentioned, there is no substitute for the filters, so I am stockpiling them!

Watch the synthetic fleece wash mitts, I had one that scratched the paint. I use a large sponge and LOTS of soapy water. Not just any soap, but one that is made for cars.

You are both idiots. Soap and Detergent are the same thing; links of bipolar polymer chains with OH- ions. Detergent and soap are just different names for the same thing

I use a soft bristled car wash brush. And I clean the bristles well every time I use it before putting it away.

I second the comment about lots and lots of water. Whether you call your surfactant of choice a soap or a detergent, both break surface tension and allow the dirt to be washed away. It’'s the water that washes it away. Dirt washed away is harmless, dirt pushed around is not. One reason I like the brush I bought is that it holds lots and lots of water. And it’s easy to dunk again.


VDCdriver -

As we had spam reopen this thread, it did remind me to tell you of an experiment I tried recently.

I took a heavily used Mr. Clean filter and pushed a salt water solution through it and let it sit overnight, then pushed tap water through the filter.

After doing this, I tried washing my car, and the rinse was again near spotless. It’s the same process a water softener uses to regenerate, so I gave it a shot. It isn’t convenient, though, as it is difficult to push the water through. I’m planning on ordering a water softener cartridge that fits a whole house filter casing and that is easier to regenerate before it warms up in the spring. Then I’ll regenerate the Mr. Clean filter once more and use it in serial after the other cartridge… then I won’t have to regenerate the Mr. Clean filter as often.