Best auto projects for father/son team

I was a single dad during the years my son could have developed an interest in mechanical things. However, it might not have been any benefit to him. He would rather work with people than things. He can do repair and maintenance work when he has to, but doesn’t like to do it. We worked together once on a volunteer home maintenance team. He only had to be shown once how to do a job and be would be able to do it. I was in charge of the rewiring and I would describe to him what the procedure was and he went right to work. When he owned a house, he would call either me or my brother and with over the phone help, he could almost always solve the problem. However, he sold the house and moved his family into an apartment close to his job and the campus where he is a graduate student. He woul rather spend time with his family than do housshold upkeep. He has one child, a daughter who just turned 13. She has a strong interest in music which started when she was 5. Our son encouraged her interest and she auditioned and was accepted in a group that is now on a 2 week concert tour in Europe. She is also very interested in science and, with her dad’s encouragement, placed first two years in a row in the regional science fair. My advice to the OP is to watch your children, observe their interests and help them develop these interests. It may or may not be in mechanical things.

I enjoyed Scouting. I was in it for the camping, and it was great to share that with like-minded kids and a few of their parents.