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Bent Wheel?


I had my all four tires changed $ America Tires/Discount Tires - the thread measurement were 4/32" - a pair is 8yrs old w/ surface level hairline cracks. It seems wise/preventive to change the tires - I did struggle a bit due to some sale tactics.

Anyway, when I was changing it the (young) guy who was installing - I asked him how much brakes left as wheels are removed. He said he is not allowed to comment due to insurance but one of the (Acura alloy) wheel is bent and they sell them there - he said he noticed it when he was balancing - said it might vibrate when I drive.

I don’t feel anything.

Is there a bullet proof method to have it checked?

1999 Integra w/ 67k miles.


Yes, there are several bullet proof methods of checking rims and one of the methods involves the use of a Hunter GSP9700 - which is what your (young) guy was using - although he probably wasn’t using THAT particular feature.

But vehicle sensitivity (as well as individual sensitivity) plays a large role here. So if you don’t feel it (and you can’t see it), then don’t worry about it.

Thanks - and also for your practical tip.

My mind set is “perfectionism” - can’t help since born with it - so you can imagine how easy for me to waste money on a 1999 car.

The “trailing arm bushing” is broken on one of the wheel - in case if I fix it, does it need to be followed by wheel alignment?