Bent intake valves



I have a 1996 Acura Integra which has 270596 miles on it. A while back it had a miss which I found to be on Cylinder one since that cylinder showed zero PSI compression. It was a bent intake valve. I replaced that valve, and the car ran fine for about 75 miles. Then when I started it it was running on only three again. Again, cylinder one had zero PSI compression! It appears that the same valve is bent again! I checked the valve timing and it is spot on! Additionally, the rocker arm for that valve was laying loose on the cylinder head. It does not show any sign of damage. Any suggestions on how this valve is getting bent? It is the one nearest the camshaft pulley. Thanks. Bill


The piston is hitting it, that’s how it’s getting bent…

Broken valve spring
Rocker seized at pivot point
Valve stuck in guide


Well, the valve spring is definitely not broken. It is a DOHC engine and the rocker arms sit in a socket at the end opposite the valve end and the cam pushes down on it to open the valve. It was not seized since it had been expelled from the socket and it does not show any sign of damamge. That leaves a bad valve guide, which I will check as soon as I can get the head removed. Thanks. Bill