Belt Radio Link, what is it?

I have a 2002 Kia Sportage which has a belt that squeels when I start it up, until it is warm then it stops. The odd part is that when the engine revs high, the belt squeel increases and the radio get a ton of interference, then goes out (power on, no sounds) until the engine settles to a lower RPM. This only happens when it is first warming up, then the belt noise goes away and no matter how high it revs the radio is fine. I know I need a new belt but, what is the deal with the radio???

The belt squeal is because the alternator needs a lot of extra power to recharge the battery, and the old, worn belt is not able to transmit the power. The alternator is probably causing the radio interference, since it is not able to produce the required energy because the belt is slipping. Replace the belt and tensioner if equipped first and see if the radio problem goes away.

Correct…dont try to diagnose ANYTHING else…especially an electrical device until you secure the alternator belt… You need to tighten this belt and then proceed…any further troubleshooting is null and void until you do this… Seems so obvious…No?


I agree with all the above and add that the radio interference is maybe from the brushes in the alternator bouncing due to the pulley turning erratically when the belt slips.

I’d also suggest that the belt is loose enough that it just totally slips on the alternator pulley at high RPMs, and that’s when the radio interference stops.

Thanks, this is good advice, I should add that I had a check engine light come on and the code was for P0561 System Voltage Unstable. I don’t know if that makes it any more obvious.

It surely does…it is this voltage instability that is wreaking havoc on your radio…