the blazer was in excellent condition until this, if I have the main and rod bearings replaced would it put too much pressure on the rest of the engine such as piston rings, this vehicle burns no oil, it needs none by the time I get to the next oil change, I am going to complain about this

This is sort of like arriving for a play during the third act, and not knowing what took place during acts 1 & 2.

How about backing up the process sufficiently so that we have some idea of the history of this vehicle, and what led up to the assessment that the main and rod bearings are bad? It would be REALLY nice to know the model year, engine type, and odometer mileage of it also.

If the engine needs main/rod bearings replaced you might as well do the rings as well as a valve job. If you are going as far as replacing the bearings you should do the other things while the engine is apart.

Define the last 2 words of your first sentence. What does “until this” mean?

It’s all part of a single sentence with no beginning and no end…

What Blazer – what engine and what year?

ok a month ago the intake manifold casket went out in my 91 Blazer s10 4.3, I had it repaired at a chevy dealer. I wasnt happy with them. they said they had to rplace the water pump as well. got it back and it started to over heat, took it back they said the water pump wasnt working, so why dint you check it before you had me pick it up, no response. At idle in gear I get this knocking sound that wasnt there before, when you switch to nuetral you dont here it. also starting from a stop it sounds like and exhaust leak until the vehicle picks up speed then it seems normal. Also the oil pressure guage shows below 40 psi, when it used to show 80, but I think maybe thats just the send unit is bad. but all of this happened after the intake manifold repair, My biggest concern is the knocking and the seeming exhaust leak, but I am not happy with the chevy rpair as when I got it back the hoses where loos and coolannt needed to be added and some bolts wherent put back.