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battery needed to be jumped. works fine now but how do i know it is going to not happen again?

How old is the battery? If it’s over three years old, have the battery load or capacitance tested to determine if it can be relied on in the future.


Have the battery “load tested” and your alternator checked. These two tests can be done in about 5 minutes. Are there any other factors like extreme cold?

I can only add that many auto part stores will do the battery and charging system test for free.

If you need to save some cash.Ask the battery store if they have A blemished battery.they are battery’s that have A scratch in the case.It is about A third of the price.The only catch is there is no warranty,I have been using them for ever and if it does go bad sooner then 3 years 2 is still cheaper then A Pretty battery.Can’t see it from the drivers seat.So check the Alt output and change the battery.


Have problem. How do we know what car or if car? What were circumstances leading to jump?[/i][/b]