Battery Swapping

Will it shorten the life of a car battery to swap it between two, early-model vehicles from time-to-time? Or is it best to leave the battery in the vehicle (and the charging system) its been conditioned by? Thanks.

1996 Ford truck
1972 Jeep CJ5

I don’t see how it could hurt. Your battery takes more punishment on an average drive than it would being taken out of one vehicle and being put in another.

Couldn’t be any worse then disconnecting and reconnecting a battery in the same car. I don’t see a battery developing a friendship with the car it’s in…like say, brake pads.

The terminal clamps and nuts might wear out faster, so use good wrenches, not pliers.
On the plus side there’s more opportunities to clean the terminals.

If you don’t mind doing it, the battery could not care less…be sure it’s always properly held down…

The battery couldn’t care less. The cable ends on the two trucks might, though, with the frequent swapping. Why not just go to Interstate and get a $35 blem (unless, of course, you don’t have one near where you live)?