Battery-starting issue

Car battery, seems to pause for a few seconds and then starts the car, clikno juice-click it starts, I think battery is old? Do you?


It could be either your battery or a problem somewhere in the starter circuit. Your battery needs to be tested first; if it at all good, then the problem is in the starter system.

On my wife’s car we went through this, and since the battery was nearly new, it turned out to be a “flat spot” in the starter itself. We ended up needoing a new starter.

Please check the battery first.

A click (upon turning the ignition switch to Start) and no cranking; then, another turning of the ignition ignition switch to Start, an immediate click and a cranking of the engine, is NOT a pause on the part of the battery or starter. It’s YOUR pause.
Does the way the clicks are produced and the cranking of the engine make a difference? To me, it does. This way, a switch, starting with the ignition switch, is, sometimes, not making good contact.