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Battery Recharge?

I have a 2017 Honda FIT in very good - after 60,000 miles - condition. . I plan to leave the car parked in my condo garage parking space, fully charged, for three months from Jun 29th until September 30th. Will it start on Sept.30th?.

Maybe is the best I can tell you. Park it in backwards to make it easy to jump start.


I wouldn’t count on it. Back in to the parking place so you can access the battery for a jump. Is an outlet available to hook up a battery tender? That’s what I’d to.

It MIGHT. Cars draw a small amount of power from the battery when not running. You might consider disconnecting the battery during storage, but read the section in your owners manual about steps, if any, required for startup after battery replacement.

I never leave home without this battery booster.Saved me from calling roadside assistance when my battery goes dead.

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I doubt it. I have a 2017 Accord EX-L, and if I leave it in the garage for a couple of weeks, it won’t start without my power pack.

Do you have a relative or friend who could just take the thing for a 30 to 40 minute drive every 3 or 4 weeks ?

I can every 6 weeks

Why not just disconnect the battery cables if you’re leaving for so long?


I can do that…

Doubtful it would make it that long but I wouldn’t have someone drive it. Just spend $30-40 for one of those booster packs so you can jump it when you get back. The booster will hold the charge that long or you can just plug it in for a while when you get back. I would probably just plan on replacing the battery anyway since they don’t like to be discharged. You should really have your own battery charger though anyway since it will be hard on your alternator to try and recharge a near dead battery. It’s stuff people should have anyway.

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It’s not a Euro-luxury car.
Disconnecting the negative battery post won’t be a problem.

Unless op plans on getting the car smogged the next day, after reconnecting the battery

So if I run the motor for 10 minutes on June 28th, disconnect the battery, leave for 90 days and return to reconnect the battery, what are the chances of it starting without needing a charge?

I would suggest that you run the engine for 20 minutes, instead of just 10 minutes.

10 minutes will not do much charging . Just take the battery out , when you return either have it charged , use a battery pack or just put a new battery in. At 3 years old you might need a new battery soon anyway.


Running 10, 20 minutes etc. won’t really make as much difference as what you did the previous week or two.
Making a lot of short trips of less than a half hour would not be good.
A thorough charge of a battery that’s a bit down (say to 80%) takes several hours.
Whatever state the battery is in when you disconnect, 90 days later it will be virtually the same.

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Yep, 10 minutes may hurt, not help. And starting and idling does little good. Drive it for a half hour or more.

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