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Battery problems 2003 jeep

While I’m driving my battery gauge has been slowly going down. It dosent start going down until I’ve already drive more then a half hour. But it’s been getting in the red lately. Is this an alternator?

If you are in the US Autozone will check your battery and alternator for free . That is almost the only way to know what the problem is.


It depends on what your battery gauge shows. Probably voltage, maybe amperage. Your owners manual may answer that. How long has this been happening? Does the engine still start readily?

But yes, have someone check your battery’s condition and state of charge and also your alternator’s output.

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I did just buy a new battery a couple months ago. The gauge will go down and up a little bit throughout the drive eventually getting lower and lower. It has been starting fine until last night it took me two tries and it barley started

Could be the new battery is not holding a charge very well, but testing the alternator’s output is a necessary first step.

Okay thanks

Yes, if the new battery is exactly a generator, alternator belt or rollers! After all, for some reason, the charge is lost?

What are you trying to say ?