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Battery keeps dieng

it runs for like ten or fifteen minutes then starts to die what could it be or how can i figure out what keeps killing the battery

Have you had the battery tested to make sure it’s good & fully charged ?


i charge it as soon as i hook it back up to turn on it drops power

How was the battery tested, was it load tested? A bad battery can read +12 volts until a load is applied, then the voltage will drop precipitously. Most any auto parts store will do a load test for free.

one was bad an one good
the good one rns for a bit the starts to die out

I do not understand your issue here. Please tell us what make, model and year the car is, how many miles and any recent work that has been done. When you say it runs and starts to die, what is happening? Does your car start, run for 10 or 15 minutes then stalls? Why do you think the battery is causing the car to stall? The more information you give us the more we can help you.

06 nissan quest it starts then after like 10 minutes or so the dash turns off so does the air conditioner then it loses power and starts to bog out my battery light is on

since i have it i hvent done nothing but basic oil chnges an things like that

The battery symbol is the charging system warning indicator. Your alternator is failing, have the charging system tested.

i tired but the battery is to low

so does that mean my alternator is no good

Did you have it tested already?

I think you will have to have the vehicle towed to a shop, it shouldn’t be driven in this condition.

Gabe, first of all run your cursor over the gear symbol at the right of your post. This will let you add to or edit your post so you will not use up all of our cyber space. That many one line posts make it hard to understand what is going on.
It really sounds like you are just guessing and this might be a good time to spend about $100.00 to get an actual diagnosis. Sometimes the shop will waive the fee if they get to do the repair.

What have you tried??? Sounds like the alternator is not charging the battery.

so i charged the battery at atuozone we hooked it up to the van as soon as it started it droped to 5 amps but when i unhook th positive terminal from the battery the van shuts off so it has to be the alternator

are the alternator inter changable how would i find out with what if it is

You need the alternator designed for that engine.

Gabe, get your car to a shop and have them work on it. It does sound like your alternator is not charging the battery. If you have to ask if alternators are interchangeable, that shows you do not have the experience with auto repair to handle the diagnosis or repair. There could be a number of things causing the alternator to not charge, including a bad alternator. Get it to a shop for a proper repair.

I agree, you need an alternator, or you have some major wiring problems.

And your battery needs replacing again, as discharging a car battery causes damage. Do this a few times and the battery is dead.