Have a 1997 3000GT (purchased new). Battery has failed every 24-26 months like clockwork. Now about to put in 6th battery. Failure is fairly sudden; car start OK in morning, take a short drive, then when try to restart it’s totally dead (i.e. no sound when turn key).

Is there something in electrical system that could be causing this (dealer stumped)?



when it fails, is it immediately after the short drive? how short is the short drive?
A short drive is not enough to recharge the battery after it has been discharged by starting. That being said, a good (or even old, somewhat weak) battery should be able to handle this with no problem.

Sounds like the alternator, the thing that charges the battery. Any shop can test it.


Yup. Assuming that your drives are long enough to keep the battery charged (are they?) I suspect your charging system is operating erratically. Could be a corroded connection or a bad alternator.

You could also have a blown fusable link. I’ve personally seen a blown one with the melted ends making intermittant contact. Weird but true.