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Battery failed load test?


i just took my '03 chevy impala in for routine minor maintenance…oil change, all fluids, etc…

now, i bought this car new…it has 50k on the odometer…

on the list of items that needed addressing, one was “battery failed the load test” and they’re recommending a new one.

i’ll just say, i live in a moderate climate, and this car starts with no problem…

i’m just looking for opinions here—does anyone think there’s any validity to this “failed load test” thing? is the mechanic gently nudging me towards the dreaded “extra labor?”



Well, a 5 year old battery is getting ready for replacement. As for a load test, they hook the battery up to a big resistor (the load) and see if it can maintain voltage for some period of time. I don’t know the specifics of what constitutes ‘failure’. I test my batteries with a hydrometer, normally the first sign of failure is a weak cell. You can either replace the battery (actually the Walmart ones are OK), or wait for it to fail, just have some jumper cables handy!

If this is the original battery, then it is living on borrowed time. While you don’t have to buy it from your mechanic, you should replace it now before you wind up stranded. And, if it is a maintenance-battery, you should be aware that it will likely give no warning of impending failure. Maintenance-free batteries can seem fine one minute, and can be unable to start your engine shortly thereafter.

Wal-Mart and Costco both have good quality batteries at substantially lower cost than most retailers.

A new battery is 50 bucks. A new alternator is $200 or more. If you keep running your car with that old battery you will burn up your alternator and have an even more expensive repair. I replace my batteries after 5 years even if they pass the load test. Ever since I have done this I have stopped replacing alternators. It’s cheap insurance.

Yes, a load test the proper and valid one for the battery. Your battery may start the car fine IF it starts right up every time.
The battery is going to continue to degrade from this point and soon it will leave you stranded.

The battery is probably 6+ years old now and it’s due for replacement.

what type of LOAD test,CARBON PILE ,or conductance?


just curious!

BANDIT!..rock climbing!

It’s time for a new battery anyway. Yea, you might be able to get a couple of more years out of the old one, or maybe not. Not means you could be stuck somewhere waiting for the tow truck and paying far more than you would now by driving to the store and getting a new one.

This is one that is cheaper to do now than to put it off.