Battery Draining Problems w/2003 Nissan Pathfinder



I have a 2003 Nissan Pathfinder SE 4x4 which I got 2nd hand in March of 2006 and each winter have had problems with the battery being dead after not using it for a few days. Winters here in New York are pretty frigid and I don’t use the car nearly as much as I do during the warmer months of course. I have had to get the battery jumped a few times, have had to get it towed. Had the battery replaced a couple times, then took it to a different mechanic in 2007 that ‘claimed’ it was the alternator, put in a new one and charged me $458(w/the labor), then a month after that the battery was dead again, had to get another new battery. Then winter of 2008 same problem, battery was dead, got a new one, supposedly the last battery had been defective. Then just last week, w/a battery less than a year old the car had been sitting for a few days in the cold weather w/out using it and it was dead again. Had multiple tests run on it a few days ago, battery is supposedly perfect,alternator perfect, no drains showing up with the car,other than it had 2 alarms installed (factory alarm) and an additional one with a remote starter etc that the previous owner must have installed. So I had them remove the 2nd alarm system but they didn’t sound optimistic that it will really help my problem. The last few days I have been taking it for drives for an hour or so a day, "hoping’ it will help to keep the battery from dying, draining. Any feedback, help, ideas from anyone would be greatly appreciated. I’m so frustrated with dealing with this issue.

Renee Polgar


… it had 2 alarms installed (factory alarm) and an additional one with a remote starter etc that the previous owner must have installed.

I would have to guess that was the problem. OEM alarms are problems, but after market alarms are real problems.


I would have the wires removed which go to the remote starter. It may be causing you more grief than the convenience is worth.
You could, also, consider having the alarm system disconnected. There are security and alarm specialists who can do this.
With that stuff out of the way, a mechanic should be able to find any cause of the battery drain.


Thanks so much, I am really hoping it was the cause. It’s freezing cold again today so I’m going to take it out for another drive and hope for the best.


Thanks for the reply. Actually on Thursday I just had them remove the 2nd alarm(not the factory installed one because they said that cannot be removed), but I had them remove the 2nd one that someone had installed in the car, it had the remote starter as well as a complete alarm system as well. I’m hoping somehow that has been causing the problem but of course I’m probably just dreaming haha. Going to take it for another long drive today to charge the battery again, and see what happens.


"Someone had another alarm installed is a big clue that something was wrong with the original factory installed one. The automotive alarm and security specialists can repair (maybe, remove) the factory system. You can find them in the Yellow Pages.
How about using a battery tender? They are available at Walmart, and auto parts stores.


The alarm specialists I took it to said the factory alarm on the Pathfinder can’t be removed because it’s connected to the main computer of the car and is linked to all mechanisms in it, doors, windows, lights etc. He said the person that owned it before me most likely added the 2nd alarm strictly for convenience since the ‘remote starter’ is not a necessity, more of a luxury. I definitely don’t need a remote starter or any of that stuff personally. If it were up to me I wouldn’t have an alarm at all since here in NYC no one even blinks an eye at the sound of alarms unfortunately. Thanks for the info about a Battery Tender, I’ll have to do some research.