Battery drain

My 2005 kia sorento has a battery drain somewhere, AAA checked alt and battery and said it is fine. I heard there could be a spring stuck in the starter? Any info you could give would be greatly appreciated.

The first thing that I would check is for lights that remain lit when the car is shut off.
See if the glovebox light and/or the under-hood light (if so equipped) might be remaining on after you shut off the ignition.

I do not see any light on at night when I look inside.

It sounds like it is time for a mechanic or friend with a meter and knowledge of how to use it, to find the problem for you.  If I could get my hands on, likely I could find the problem, but you just are not providing enough information to make an informed question.  Don't feel bad, it is just one of those things that can be simple and yet difficult at the same time.

It can also be one of the car’s electronic modules never going to sleep after the car is shut off. It may take 15 minutes or more for all of a recent car’s electronics to fully go to bed after you walk away, but if something doesn’t, and runs all night, it can run the battery down. Do you have any aftermarket electronics in the car? Like a replacement stereo?

There’s an easy thing a mechanic can do to find out how much the battery drain is. It involves putting a amp-meter in series with the battery when the car is completely turned off. Most cars will have a drain of maybe 50 mA max. Usually less unless the car has a lot of add-on electrical gadgets, like car alarms, etc. I’d probably start there. If there is indeed a big drain, the mechanic will start unplugging fuses until he identifies which circuit is causing the problem.

It is possible for the starter motor to get stuck in the on position. Usually this would cause a pretty big drain. This can cause the car to drive away by itself, or even catch fire by the way. Suggest to take precautions until you find what is causing this problem.