Battery drain

I have a 2002 Ford Focus and the battery keeps getting drained. Ran a diagnostic on it and it said it was in the trunk. Light was staying on if trunk wasn’t shut good & hard. Took light bulb out. Replaced battery & cables & still it drains.

it may not be the light bulb per say, but there could be a short in the trunk light bulb circuit. take out the fuse for that light, and check for continuity to ground with the trunk closed. If you have it, look at all the wires and esp. look at the switch that operates the bulb.

You might do better to fix or remove the trunk ajar switch. Besides turning the trunk light bulb on, it wakes up the electronic module that it is attached to. This keeps that module from going into low current (sleep) mode. The switch may just need to be adjusted.

Yes, after thinking it over I thought I better check to see if it isn’t just that. If I remove the fuse as you said will it solve the drain problem for now?

Thanks for the info. I will do these things and then see what happens. Will let you know.