Battery and Service Quandary

I have a 07 Honda Odyssey, and recently it didn’t start. Upon checking the battery terminals, there was a surprising amount of corrosion (just serviced 3 mos ago). I went to the dealer to ask how was this missed and they said the battery was bad and replaced it. Yet, when I looked at the battery it looked like it had just been cleaned up. (There were even swipe marks under the terminal wires, corrosion drips on the side and front - even different colors of corrosion.) I took it back and they said the repair guy put the dirty terminals on the “new” battery and then used the cleanup solution. I just can’t believe that. I didn’t get charged, but they billed $80 to the warranty service. Does this seem right? Would you trust that service department again?

Yeah, I think it’s reasonable. There are a lot of ways for corrosion residue to get on the new battery. And really, if the corrosion residue has been neutralized with a base (I assume that’s what the cleanup solution is) then it doesn’t pose much of a threat.

I think you are correct in being cautious because it’s not the neatest job in the world, but in this case I’m not entirely sure that it’s dishonest or wrong.

I agree with Josh. $80.00 !!! Well I would not be surprised if the warranty service (I assume this was a non-factory insurance policy calling itself a warranty) actually paid something closer to half that amount, unless it included a new battery and it sounds like it did not.

As far as trusting them, I would say unless they claimed to replace the battery and they did not, then there was nothing dishonest.

Have that battery looked at real closely by someone else. Remove it for inspection if need be. There should be a production code on that battery somewhere.

This is usually a small tag or sticker that should have a recent month/year date code on it. Since this was a recent battery swap (allegedly?) the battery should have a code on it with something like 7/08 on it. (July 2008 and so on.)

If your current battery has a 6/06 sticker on it then you been had. (2006 because your 2007 vehicle was more than likely built in the summer/fall of '06. You can verify production date of the vehicle by the tag on the drivers door jam. It will be marked the same way.)
Hope that helps.