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BANG....dang pothole

What do you think does more damage/strain to your vehicle…while driving at approx 70km/h. Hitting a pothole, or swerving/jerking around it at that speed?

Potholes present way more potential for damage. Swerving will mostly just wear out your tires.

Going over pothole applying brakes. Swerving will load up your lower balljoints, tie-rods, tires and shocks. Slowing down best way to go.

Hitting the pothole will do more damage.

We recently had a car in the service dept. that had 4 bent rims and a busted strut from hitting pot holes. I do not know the circumstances but potholes are bad.

Anything you do to avoid hitting a pothole is better than hitting a pothole.

i think both can. My 97 Plymouth breeze went into a small pothole and i tried jerking around and it did a little more damage than i expected.

Agreed. Don’t hit the pothole, swerve around it, what wear? Turning the wheel? C’mon. Rocketman