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Ball Joint questions

I just had a 100K service done at a Goodyear Service Center on my '97 Silhouette van. (Ended up costing about $1100).

As prat of the service (my first in about 5 years), I asked them to do a general check, including suspension and other elements. The mechanic discovered the left lower ball joint was loose, so I went ahead with replacement. He reported the right ball joint was in good shape.

The van now feels much more solid and firm on the road.

Question-should the ball joints be replaced in pairs, or is a single replacement adequate/safe?

Jeff Mork

Sandusky OH

Ball joints do not need to be replaced in pairs unless they are both worn and loose. A single replacement is fine.

If it’s not broken, don’t fix it…

Thanks for the quick responses! - Jeff

Those are good answers. Whenever I burn a twenty dollar bill I make sure I didn’t pull out two of them by mistake.

Are you SURE they needed replacing…

Many of these national chains are notorious for FINDING things to fix when in fact they are perfectly fine.