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Bad transmission

I have a 200 explorer, it is in very good shape. Kept up with maintenance. It has 205,000 miles on it.

Need transmission replaced, is it worth putting 2700.00 into this vehicle

are you buyin it new to be payin that much??? would get one rebuilt or maybe used i over haul my engines every 250,000 miles but its up to you if your goin to keep it or just use it till you get something else

Auto or manual?

If that’s the Ford reman you get a 3yr-100k warranty too.

If the TRUCK is worth it, only YOU can answer. The condition of all the rest of the truck will determine if $2700.00 gets you a nice servicable truck for the next three years.

Have you shopped around on that repair?? Unless there is a lot of labor involved pulling the transmission, $2700 seems a little high for a Ford automatic…But look at it this way…Unless you fix it, you have nothing but scrap metal worth $200. But repaired, it’s worth at least $2700…(hopefully)…

I agree with Caddyman. $2700 seems high for this transmission. I had a 96 Explorer tranny rebuilt from a good shop about 4 years ago and it was closer to $1800. This transmission is not expensive to rebuild (relatively speaking) and a good, reputable transmission shop should be able to do the job correctly and for less than $2700.