Bad pickup performance when turn the AC ON

I am facing a problem when i turned ON AC the pickup of Chevelot Spark (automatic) is really gone even a little upward incline road, i have to accelarate full and no pickup at all. I know the performance degrade when turn the ac, but in my case it is very bad.


  1. What should i need to check or Change?
  2. I bought a used car so i also dont know about air intake filer is clean and also don’t know the condition of Spark plug.

Chevelot Spark 2014 (automatic gear)

Thank you :slight_smile:

You bought a used that you did not get checked out by a mechanic.

Now is the time to get it checked out. The performance loss could be caused by too many things to list here.


+1 to everything stated by Mustangman.

Rather than wondering about the air filter, spark plugs, and other maintenance items, the OP should take it to a competent independent * mechanic’s shop for inspection and diagnosis. More than likely, simply taking care of maintenance items that were skipped by the previous owner(s) will remedy the problem.

(Don’t go to a chain-run place like Midas, Meineke, Monro, Sears, Pep Boys, or, God-forbid–AAMCO, unless you want less-qualified people working on your car and unless you want to be overcharged.)

I just remembered that you live in South Korea, so you can ignore those US chain names. Just find a good independent mechanic’s shop.


And I’ll just add - before you go, review the maintenance schedule for your car. Unless you have proof something was done, add it to the list of needed maintenance. And even if transmission fluid replacement isn’t on the schedule, I would do it anyway.

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@VDCdriver perfect :slight_smile:
Sorry i didn’t mention that i live in outside USA.
I’ll definitely go, just wanted to know what i need to tell mechanic.
I have a performance and inspection report but that is in Korean.

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The downside about the Spark?

Slow acceleration.

Turn the AC on?

It gets slower!



What size engine is in it? It could be smaller than the one they sell in the US, which was already slow (see @Tester link).


Thank you for the link, the reviews are very bad.
It is 1000 cc engine (automatic gear).

And it puts out a whopping 84 H.P.!


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The US one has a 1200 cc engine. Add an automatic to your 1000 cc engine, and you may just be dealing with a slow car. But getting everything checked and serviced as needed is a good idea, regardless.


You tell the mechanic that the vehicle seems to be less responsive when AC is turned on . It is the shops job to find the problem , not just replace or fix what you find on the web.

On your next used vehicle purchase take a better test drive and pay a shop to look the vehicle over .

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The 1.0L Petrol engine for the 2014 Spark produces all of 67 HP, pair that with a 4-speed automatic and performance is going to be uh…deliberate at best. Turn on the A/C and it’s only going to get worse. I’m thinking that it’s just a really slow car.



I hope that the OP doesn’t attempt to drive on expressways with that car.


The 1970s wants its econobox back.

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Thank you guys you are great :slight_smile:
Does anyone try OBD? If i put the OBD device ON will it give information a problem that is i am facing now?

I agree with the “just a slow car” probability. I had a 1000cc Geo Metro 5 speed manual with AC that needed to have the AC turned off when accelerating from a stop light or you’d be rear ended. I recall it had 55 hp.

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My 1981 Accord with a 5-speed had 76hp, and AC bogged it down noticeably.
I bought a vacuum switch from JC Whitney and used it to disconnect the AC compressor clutch when manifold vacuum was low.

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Hello Guys,
I am posting a solution for above problem. There was a two problems in my car that’s it was not running well.

  1. MAP sensor was faulty, here is the link. The original one is from Japan: (Cost $50 in South Korea)

  2. Too much engine oil, so it is reduce to the optimal level.

Thank you.


There is nothing wrong with your car, except that Chevy put too small an engine in it.

The engine size is similar to other vehicles in that market. I doubt that the OP is comparing this Spark to a Camaro.