Bad hub bearing? Brake pads rubbing? Which wheel is bad?

Replaced my rotors today.
When I was done, I spun each wheel to see if there was interference.
Passenger wheel spins freely.
Driver’s wheel makes a scraping sound (brake pads?) and stops pretty quickly.
Which one is wrong or bad?

With the wheels off the ground, try shaking each wheel. Hold it at various positions; 3 and 9 o’clock, 12 and 6 o’clock etc… Do either of the wheels have any play? This could be a bearing problem or tie rod.

Did you apply the brakes before doing this spin test? DId you install new pads? How did the brake pistons seem when you had to push them in? DId you lubricate the slide pins on each brake caliper?

Pump the brake pedal until you get a firm pedal. Now do the spin test. Do you get the same results?

Make sure that applying the brake stops each wheel from spinning.

There may not be anything wrong or abnormal, the first wheel may just have the brake pads resting further apart from each other.

Providing everything appears ok, you are confident all the parts were put back on the same as when they were taken off, the brake parts were lubed, then suggest to not decide a problem remains until after you’ve driven the car a bit. It may be things need to just settle into place.

Did you check that the calipers floated freely on the caliper bushings (aka caliper pins)? If one caliper is not floating freely, the outer pad remains next to the rotor causing that pad and the rotor to wear out much faster than normal.

I’ve tested for play in the wheels, and found nothing noteworthy.

I think Goldwing got it. As for the spinning wheels, yea, I think the first one was freewheeling b/c the caliper piston was still compressed, hence no rotor contact with pads. After I drove it around, both wheels now spin with a little scraping from the pads. One spins a little more than the other, but the difference is not nearly as big anymore. So, I think it’s all good.

Keith, I’m not sure I follow your post. I noticed the brake pad on the other side of the rotor had free play since it’s not connected to anything.

There are 2 sets of bolts holding the brakes on.

  1. The 2 larger bolts that hold the caliper mounting bracket on. (Brake Carrier)
  2. The 2 hex bolts that hold the caliper/pad/piston on (Calper housing).
    These bolts were lubed and inside a rubber dust cap/sleeve. They seemed clean.

But, I don’t know what floating play you refer to. Once it was all put back together, and that spring clip was attached, there was no play. Just like when I took it apart.