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Bad head gasget?

Howdy posted before my 94 taurs with 49,000 miles 3.8 mototor. Update. Did compression test 150 on all six. Took out thermastate and without one the temp gauge going into too warm zone in town but just fine on hwy. Radiator shop ruled out plugged radiator. So fellers hos else to rule out the head gasget?

it’s really difficult to translate the OP… but.

it did fine on the highway?

but not in town?

oh gheeze. i didn’t ask…

the radiator fan is coming on correct?

sounds like the water pump.

does your fan work properly ? at idle or low speed in town fan pulls air through the radiator to cool your engine when you are driving at highway speeds the air is being pushed through the radiator sufficiently enough to cool the engine. thats where i would start. i apologize if this was already covered in your first post. was compression test performed on the engine at operating temperature and have you ever heard of a running compression test?

gasget=gasket i think
hos=not going there
150=not sure psi?
taurs=greek god?

A simple check of the cooling system for hydrocarbon traces will confirm or rule out a head gasket…Most repair shops can do this test…

After reading everything, it may be that the fan isn’t working. Good answer anyway.

Hard to tell about the fan. The radiator guy said the return hose to radiator had too much pressure in it. I have inquired about the co2 testers that i had used 30 years ago- put on the radiator and sucks some fluid into it to see if co2 in fluid but cannot locate anyone whom sells then now adays. Hsve not run a running compression tesst. Does a running test show if there is leakage between cylinders? The plugs still look clean when i pulled them for the compression test.

I removed the radiator cap an held in a funnel so the fluid could not spill out and ran it for about 10 minutes the gauge went up past the “m” in the word normal on the gauge . But the fluid was only 130* at the mouth of the radiator and did not boil over. Did ont have bubbles comming out of the fluid.

does the cooling fan in back of the radiator come on or cycle?

if you have NO t stat installed, and you see the antifreeze circulating, at least you know the water pump works.

since the highway driving does NOT overheat it, but driving around town does it sounds like the fan is not working.

check out the fan switch and relay.

if your car is HOT, and you park it the electric fan should stay on until it cools the radiator down. if you are NOT hearing the fan, then there is a fan problem.

Howdy, the fan comes on very briefly but only after the gauge is past 1/2 way to hot then only for a few seconds. With no thermostate should the engine not run at about 160*? I can see the fluid circulating in the radiator at idel so thewater pump is working. I have driven 8 tauruss over the years an none hardly ever ran hot enough to have the fan come on. I cannot remember one of them ever having the fan run once the engine is shut off. I checked and after just a few minutes of the engine running that radiator hose sure swullen.

“howdy”, and “I just got back” you guys are having a great time on 10 diff posts,

Know any thing about cars?

Yipee not a bad head gasget ( humor). Found out the fan motor relay modual with a 60 fuse does allot more then run the fan. The relay circuit is week when it fails it runs fan some then none. Bad news modual $170.00.
Best news - parts guy informed me that they have an over ride relay with a senser that pokes threw radiator and at 190* it turns fan on and only about $30. This is wonderful to know these exist…
Thanks for all your help. Happy travels ahead.