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Bad cylinder

What do I do about a dead cylinder

You fix it. On these -73 model Civics, many things can go wrong. Come on, You need to give us a little more information.

Now that’s a pretty general question :slight_smile: … lol … hmmm … well one thing is certain, it’s dead for a reason, so you are most likely looking at

  • no spark
  • no gas
  • no compression

First thing a shop would do is a visual check for a spark at the spark plug during cranking.

Define dead. Lack of compression is the most serious of the lot.

If it is just a “bad” cylinder you punish it, maybe with a restriction of some kind or no dessert for a week. But if it is truely a “dead” cylinder, you bury it, be sure you check your local laws on graves and burials.