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Back End Shimmy on BMW

My friend has a cutie 2007 BMW convertible roadster and the back end started to shimmy suddenly yesterday. It came out of nowhere, she hasn’t hit anything and it’s pretty severe. The car is still under warranty but what are some things she should look for when she takes it in?

BMWs come with a nice warranty. Let the dealer figure out what’s wrong.

I agree with mcparadise, but if she first checks her tire pressure, she just might be able to avoid a trip to the Beemer dealership.

Good point. I was going to suggest a tire problem, but they’re often difficult, if not impossible, to see from the outside.

I would think a 2007 BWM would have a TPMS.

They seem to have everything else.

Do the women who drive Beemer convertibles actually look at the warning lights on the dashboard?
It seems to me that this would distract them from using their cell phone while they drive.


That car has runflat tires. My first suspect would be a low tire or one that is coming apart inside.