Aztek steering lock

My roommate bought a 2002 Aztek at police auction three years ago, but lately it’s been dying in stages. For the past several months shes been unable to turn the key to the off position without using the manual release under the column. Now the steering lock is engaged with the tires at center line. The starter and shifter can’t be engaged, even when I jiggle the hell out of the wheel. I’ve tried clearing the starter with air and rapid key sliding, but no change. I’m trying to figure out the most likely fail point, but I’m worried it’s the sensor in the shifter. Just wondering if anyone can give any suggestions, or if the sensor is something I can replace on my own.

Find a new roommate…you don’t want to share a place with someone who bought an Aztek.

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My 1978 Oldsmobile Cutlass with a floor shifter has an interlock between the ignition lock mechanism and the steering column lock. I have had to adjust this rod from the transmission to the steering column in the past. If the Aztek has the same set-up, it isn’t a difficult fix.

Maybe your room mate didn’t make such a bad purchase. She has had 3 years use for the Aztek and probably didn’t pay an arm and leg at the police auction. I have a 1978 Oldsmobile Cutlass Salon (the fastback style) with the 4-4-2 trim package. I bought the car new at a very good price in 1978 (it has the 260 cubic inch V-8, auto transmission and single exhausts. It isn’t the same as the original muscle car 4-4-2) because most people thought the car was strange looking. I’ve gotten 31 years service from the car.

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There was a reason that the cops auctioned the vehicle off.

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The EASIEST and cheapest thing to try is to get a new key cut. I think your tumblers and your key are getting worn, and the zillionith of a mm on a new key could make the difference.
I had the same problem with my GM and a new key fixed it. Total cost $1.00 and it has worked flawlessly for 1 1/2 years.

If you have a spare key get it copied too. The spare may be slightly larger and the copy of it will work even better.